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Item Description

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Cam Cleat, 1/2" Line
Cam Cleat, 3/8" Line, Oval Base
Cam Cleat, 3/8" Line, Rectangular Base
Cam Cleat, 3/8" Line, Small Oval Base
Cam Cleat, Swivel, 35 Degree Angle
Cam Cleat, Swivel, 3/8" Line
Cam Cleat Support Bracket, (fits BB0693)
Caulking Iron, Bronze, Size 0
Caulking Iron, Bronze, Size 1
Caulking Iron, Bronze, Size 00
Chain Plates, "S" Boat, Set of 4
Chain Plates, Herreshoff 12 1/2
Chain Plate, Cat Boat
Chain Plate
Cheek Block, 3/8" line
Cheek Block, Double, 3/8" line
Cheek Block, 1/4"
Cheek Block, 3/16"
Chock, C!~sed
Chock, Mid-Rail
Chock, Skeene, Port
Chock, Skeene, Stbd.
Chock, Skeene, Stbd. 3/4
Chock, Skeene, Port,  3/4
Clamp, Rigging
Cleat, Double Pedestal, 3"
Cleat, Double Pedestal, 7 1/2"
Cleat, Fender
Cleat, hollow, Herreshoff, 8"
Cleat, Herreshoff, 4"
Cleat, hollow, Herreshoff 9 1/2"
Cleat, hollow, Herreshoff 6 1/4"
Cleat, hollow, Herreshoff 5 1/4"
Cleat, hollow, Herreshoff 12"
Cleat, hollow, Herreshoff 15"
Cleat, Horn, 2 1/2"
Cleat, Jamb, Herreshoff, 3 1/2"
Cleat, Jamb, 4"
Cleat, Jamb, 4 3/4"
Cleat, Jamb, 2 3/4"
Cleat, Jamb, Toe, 3 1/2"
Cleat, Jamb, Pedestal, 3"
Cleat, Hinged, Osborne
Cleat, Hinged, Osborne, Large
Cleat, Lawley, 8"
Cleat, Pedestal, 4"
Cleat, Pedestal, 5"
Cleat, Rigging, Small (Hound)
Cleat, Rigging, Medium (Hound)
Cleat, Rigging, Medium Large (Hound)
Cleat, Rigging, Large (Hound)
Cleat, Rigging, Very Large (Hound)
Cleat, Spar, Small
Cleat, Spar
Cleat, Tube, Right
Cleat, Tube, Left
Clevis Pin, 3/16" X 7/8"
Clevls Pin, 1/4" X i 1/4"
Clevis Pin, 5/16" X I 1/4"
Clevis Pin, 3/8" X i 1/4"
Clew Outhaul, 5/8" Track
Clew Outhaul, 5/8" Track
Clew Outhaul, 7/8" Track
Coaming Bracket, Herreshoff 12 1/2
Cockpit Bow Bracket
Cockpit Bow Bracket, Heavy
Cockpit Rising Knee, Stbd. side
Cockpit Rising Knee, Port side
Countersink Set (complete)

HM0008 HM0009 HM0046 HM0055 BB2196 BB0693 BB4293 BB6194 BB3995 BB8095 HM4002 HM0013 BB1293 BB1095 HM4757 BB3697 BB4694 BB0596 BB0592 BB4397 BB4194A BB4194B
BB5697 BB6697 BB8197
HM0029 HM0031 HM3347 HM4758 HM5544 HM0073 HM0074 BB2292 HM10602
BB0590 BB1292 BB2594 BB2894 BB2994 BB1089 BB0696 BB2492 BB7195 BB7295 HM0064 HM0065
HM0088 HM0089
BB6397 BB6497 BB0892 BB0992 BB1092 BB2893 BB0890 BB2892 HM0043 HM0027 BB1392 BB0796 HM7898 HM7899

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