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Item Description
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Thimble, Semi-solid, 1/4"
Thimble, Semi-solid, 5/16"
Thimble, Rigging, Solid Body 1/8" 1 X 19
Thimble, Rigging, Solid Body 3/16"
Thimble, Rigging, Solid Body 1/4"
Thimble, Rigging, Solid Body 5/16"
Thimble, Rigging, Solid Body 3/8"
Thimble, Rigging, Solid Body 3/8" i X 19
Thimble, Rigging, Solid Body 7/16"
Thimble, Rigging, Solid Body 1/2"
Thimble, 5/16", Line
Thimble, 3/8", Line
Thimble, 1/2", Line
Tiller Strap / Rudder Cap
Tiller Flange Nut, 5/8" NC Thread
Tiller Socket
Tiller Strap, Large
Tiller Strap, Small
Track, Spinnaker i 1/4" X 24"
Track, Sail, Nickel Silver, 5/8"
Track, Sail, Nickel Silver, 7/8"
Track Stop, 5/8" Sail track
"T" Track Stop 3/4"
"T" Track Stop 11/4"
Traveler Base Plate, Early 12 1/2
Traveler Base Plate, Later 12 1/2
Traveler, 3/8" Rod (Specify height & length)
Traveler, 7/16"Rod (Specify height & length)
Traveler, 1/2" Rod (Specify height & length)
Traveler Link, fits 3/8" rod
Traveler Link, Large, fits up to 5/8" rod
Turnbuckle Body, 7/16" Herreshoff pattern
Turnbuckle Body, 5/8" Herreshoff pattern
Turnbuckle Nut, 3/8"
Turnbuckle, 3/8", Herreshoff pattern
Turnbuckle, 3/8" Elongated, Lawley
Turnbuckle, 3/8", Lawley
Turnbuckle, 5/16", Lawley
Turnbuckle, 1/4", Lawley
Turnbuckle, 5/8", Upper Screw
Turnbuckle, 5/8", Lower Screw
Turnbuckle, 7/16", Upper Screw
Turnbuckle, 7/16", Lower Screw
Turnbuckle, 1/2"
Turnbuckle, 5/8"
Turnbuckle, 3/4"
Turnbuckle Toggle, 1/2"
Turnbuckle Toggle, 3/4"

BB1097 BB2896 BB4693 BB0292 BB3593 BB3693 BB0494 BB0594 BB0694 BB0794 BB1792 BB6494 BB6594
BB9795 HM0039 HM5662
BB1189 BB0495 BB0695 BB0989 BB0593 BB0993 HM0026 HM1228

HM0040 HM0058 HM3119 HM3515 HM1953 HM9335 BB5596A
BB5596 BB5396 BB5496 HM10481A HM10481B HM10693A HM10693B BB1299 BB1399 BB5200 BB1199

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