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Item Description
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Sail Lashing Hook
Sail Lashing Eye
Sail Track Carr
Shackle, Bow, 3/16"
Shackle, "D", 3/16"
Shackle, "D", 3/16", Pin
Shackle, Twisted, 3/16"
Shackle, Bow, 1/4"
Shackle, "D", 1/4"
Shackle, Elongated, 1/4"
Shackle, Twisted, 1/4
Shackle, Bow, 5/16"
Shackle, "D", 5/16"
Shackle. Elongated, 5/16"
Shackle, Rigging, 3/8", fits P~40032 Block
Shackle, 3/8" "D"
Shackle, 3/8", fits BB1992 Cage Block
Shackle, 5/16" Bow, Rigging, fits BB0193 Block
Shackle, 7/16"Bow
Shackle, Snap, Ring Swivel
Shackle, Snap, Clevis
Shackle, Twisted, 5/16"
Shackle, Twisted, 3/8"
Sheer Clamp Bracket, Used with BB1289 Shoe
Shoe, Mast Step
Sister Hooks
Sister Hooks, Large
Sister Hooks, 90 degree (Coleman Hooks)
Slide, Backstay, 2 piece locking set
Slide, Jib Carr, for 1" "T" Track
Slide, Jib Carr, with eye, for 1" Track
Slide, Sail, 5/8", Nickel Silver

Slide, Sail, 7/8", Nickel Silver
Snubbing Winch, 3/8" Line max.
Snubbing Winch,
Spinnaker Halyard Attachment
Spinnaker Pole Clip
Spinnaker Pole Slide
Spinnaker Pole Attachment, Herreshoff 12 1/2
Spreader Strap
Spreader Yoke
Stannchion, Deck, Herreshoff pattern
Stem Strap, Herreshoff 12 1/2
Stem Strap
Stem Strap
Stem Strap
Swivel, 1/4" Eye & Eye
Swivel, 1/4" Eye & Jaw

BB1894A BB1894B BB1796 BB1993 BB2195 BB2695
BB1896 BB2093 BB5393 BB2295
BB6298 BB2193 BB5493 BB2393 HM0033 BB0192 BB2092 BB2192 BB0893 BB1693 BB1793 BB0895 BB0995 BB1389 BB1289 HM0035 HM0052 BB0689 HM9912 BB2793 BB5296 BB0595
BB0795 HM0010 BB7296
BB0191 BB2794
BB4798 HM6717A HM6717B HM0072
BB1195 BB0997B BB0997A

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