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Here you will find all that you need to outfit your 12 Herreshoff or Haven

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Item Description Item #
Anchor, 7 1/2#, Herreshoff, 2 piece
Anchor, 7 1/2#, Herreshoff, 3 piece
Bilge Pump, Herreshoff, (Original Equipment)
Block, Sheet/Halyard, 1/4"
Block, Sheet/Halyard, 3/8"
Boom Crotch Socket
Bow Chock, Port
Bow Chock, Stbd.
Builder's Plate, (Early)
Builder's Plate, (Middle)
Builder's Plate, (Late)
Cam Cleat (Main'& Jib Sheets)
Cam Cleat, Swivel, 5 degree, centerboard mount
Cam Cleat, Swivel, 35 degree angle, deck mount
Chain Plate (2 Required)
Cleat, Bow (Hollow Herreshoff), 6"
Cleat, Halyard, Herreshoff, 4"
Cleat, Jamb, Herreshoff (4 used in cockpit)
Clew Outhaul
Coaming Brackets - Port & Stbd.
Deck Bow
Deck Bow
Deck Fairlead
Flange Eye
Flange Eye
Gaff Bridle (Served & Leathered)
Gaff Bridle Saddle
Gaff Toggle
Gooseneck (Mast Section)
Gooseneck Tack Clevis
Gooseneck Knockle
Gooseneck Boom Straps (2 required)
Gudgeon (2 required)
Jib Boom Hanger (Improved Version)
Jib Club Hook
Mastband (Mast Partner) Early Type - Hinged
Mastband (Mast Partner) Later Type
Mast Hoop, White Oak*
Oar Lock, Ribbed Horn, Herreshoff
Oar Lock Holder
Outboard Motor Bracket (Not original HMC)
Pintal (2 required)
Sail to Mast Hoop Toggle

Sail Track, 5/8" Bronze (Nickle Silver)
Sheet Bail (Fits HM0021 Block)
Sheet/Block Hook
Snubbing Winch (Optional equipment from HMC)
Spinnaker Halyard Attachment
Spinnaker Pole Clip (Not Original from HMC)
Standing Rigging**
Stem Band
Throat Halyard Attachment, Gaff Rig, (Early Type)
Traveler Base Plates - Early Type
 > Traveler Base Plates & Traveler Rod Attached
Traveler Base Plates - Later Type
 > Traveler Base Plates & Traveler Rod Attached
Turnbuckle, 3/8" Herreshoff Pattern, complete

HM 0020
HM 0069
HM 0006
HM 0030
HM 0021
HM 0005
HM 12483
HM 0017
HM 0018
HM 0062
HM 0060
HM 0066
HM 0055
BB 0693
BB 2196
HM 0013
MM 4758
HM 0031
HM 10602
HM 9096
HM 0027
HM 5659
HM 0024
HM 0007
HM 4215
HM 9617
HM 0094
HM 0034
HM 0059
HM 5676
HM 12533
HM 5677
HM 5678
HM 0015
HM 11755
HM 12142
HM 0025
HM 12482
HM 0079
HM 7309
HM 0019
BB 0390
HM 0016
BB 4594

BB 0495
HM 4757.5
HM 0014
HM 0010
HM 11773
BB 0191
HM 0080
HM 0011
HM 0029
HM 0026

HM 1228

HM 9335

* Mast Hoops are fastened with copper rivets and sealed with one coat of varnish. Additional coats of varnish, add $1.00 per coat.

** Standing Rigging (stays) are supplied with appropriate size loops spliced into upper ends. The loops are served with marlin and over sewn with Elk Hide. All rigging is supplied extra long so that they may be cut to the proper length and leaded into the turnbuckles.

Patterns for many of the above fittings were made with the assistance of Cape Cod Shipbuilding Co., The Herreshoff Marine Museum, Mystic Seaport, and from Herreshoff Manufacturing Company Inc. plans 76-118B & 76-118C dated 2-23-38.

NB The Herreshoff 12 1/2 was designed in 1914 as a sail training boat for youngsters. As such it was specified with 1/4" sheets and halyards. Adults often find that when they use the boat they prefer the "feel" of a larger diameter line in their hands. The HM 0021 block listed above which was original equipment on the Herreshoff 12 1/2 is made for 1/4" diameter line. When using a larger diameter line it is recommended that the PIM 0005 block be substituted. This block is available in all the same configurations as the HM 0021 block.

Dacron sails are available for both Gaff and Marconi rigged
Herreshoff/ Haven 12 's
All sails are furnished with appropriate sail slides or mast loop toggles as necessary.

Call for current

Mainsail Gaff Rig
Marconi Rig
Sail Covers Main Sail
Cockpit Cover


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